Being a Good Parent is a Big Deal

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I loved sitting down in my favorite recliner and seeing our older son outside spending time doing things pertaining to the pond that is on our property. One day, I saw him rig up his own fishing pole made from a branch, string and an old fishing hook he found. That was my signal to get him a real one. And when I walked past an RC boat company last weekend when I was out doing my errands, it was also a sign that a new remote control boat would be a good idea, too.

As someone who works a lot of hours, I’ve found that I can fall behind on spending time with my son. When I come home after a 12 hours day, it is often that I just want to relax and do nothing. I love spending time with him, but being lazy once I’m home wins out too many times. The thing is that I’m a parent and it’s my job is to raise up a child who feels strong, secure and well loved. Laying on the couch for hours watching old reruns on TV doesn’t help him with those things. I have been making an effort with him and it has been making both of us feel better. We’re bonding more and he’s been telling me often that he loves me and likes that I’ve been spending more time with him. This makes me feel like I’m doing right for him.

When I brought home the new RC boat for my son to use, he loved it. He wanted to try it right away. I told him that I bought it for him to use whenever he wants, but that I hoped he would not give up fishing to play with the boat only. He promised he wouldn’t do that. He still catches fresh fish and we cook them for dinner and have long talks.

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