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Rachel Lafortune

How Our TV Brings Us Together As a Family

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I can remember not that many years ago when we got a 60-inch plasma TV. The picture was simply awesome. Nothing could come close to the speed of the processing of how the images were rendered and displayed. It made high-speed action sports, such as football, look smooth on the big screen. It took some time for LED televisions to get up to the quality of plasma. Now their longevity exceeds that of the older technology, and the UHD looks even better. I am waiting to see the best Cyber Monday TV deals to pick our replacement for our plasma TV in the living room. We are upgrading to a 72-inch screen, and it will be ultra-high definition. We already got a really nice Bluray DVD player, so now we will finally have a TV that can render the better video.

Sound is very important too. Our old sound bar will be replaced with a surround sound system with the big subwoofer that lets you feel what you are watching. I like being able to watch an episode of my favorite TV show and feel like I just watched it in a high-quality theater. The cinema experience is easily duplicated at home now with the giant screen televisions, cool sound systems and microwave popcorn. We have a big living room, so the 72-inch screen will fit perfectly. Each family member has a favorite TV show, but there are many that we like to watch together. We have substituted movie night with episodic TV nights. We get together and just binge watch series sometimes too. It all depends on work and school schedules and how long we can wait to see the latest of our favorite shows.

A new TV is a tool that will bring our family together to enjoy some entertainment. We like the best viewing experience, but it is the time spent together that is the most important.

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