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Rachel Lafortune

Our Son Got Tattoos That Are Incredibly Realistic Drawings

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Our son went into the military, and came back with a sleeve tattoo on each arm. The last thing I told him when he went in was to not get any tattoos. Well, that is a tough thing to accomplish considering I have tattoos. I was not so much worried about him having ink on his body as I was about the content of his art. I did not want him having all kinds of goofy stuff that did not represent who he really was. I made that mistake. I got these tough looking designs that really did not represent my philosophy or politics. I was actually kind of impressed with the content of the art he had done.

He had a great drawing of our family homestead in the country done on his right arm. It is from an aerial photo he took himself. The drawing in ink is mostly monotone, but it is so precise that you can see our dogs playing in the yard just like you can in the photo. The artist really is able to draw on skin like I have never seen anyone do. I would have liked to have had a tattoo artist of that level of talent when I got mine. I could have mine tweaked or altered, but there really is no do overs with tattoos.

The tattoos our son got were all about family and the things he likes to do. He is a professional photographer and is an expert marksman. He is also really into flying all kinds of aircraft. He took the picture of our house from one of the professional drones he owns as a certified pilot. He went into the military to be able to fly more aircraft. He decided to stick with helicopters. He has a cool action tattoo of a helicopter in flight on his other arm. His tattoos are like a montage of his life.

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